The End of the World is Upon Us

Lots to talk about and no time to write it all up, but I did want to make a quick post to link to my end of the world story at InterGalactic Medicine Show. It seems appropriate to post a link to it today, since the end of the world is all everyone’s been talking about.

Although it’s worth mentioning that this story’s not about the kind of end of the world that you’re probably thinking of.

Here’s the link:

Paper Airplanes into the Void

at InterGalactic Medicine Show

           The end of the world was pretty much what Jared had been told to expect, which was rather disappointing, all things considered…


P.S. If you are eligible to nominate or vote for the Nebulas or Hugos and would like to review the story, please feel free to drop me an email request and I’ll send it out to you. My email address is my name at gmail dot com. Or you can comment on this post with your contact information, if you’d prefer.

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