Support Daily Science Fiction! Get a short story critique from me!

UPDATE: My critique has been spoken for. Don’t let that stop you from supporting the kickstarter, though. Critiques by many other excellent DSF writers are still available!

Daily Science Fiction is running a Kickstarter campaign!

Kickstarter rewards include short story critiques by Daily Science Fiction authors. Including me!

Why would you want a critique from me?

Stories I’ve critiqued for other writers have gone on to sell to many reputable markets and have even been short-listed for awards and… Well, truthfully, that probably has little to do with my critiques and a lot to do with my good fortune at knowing many talented, hard-working writers. There are no guarantees my critique will get you published. Even so, I’m told my feedback is very helpful!

Plus, you’ll benefit from my experience as a slush reader. In the past three years I’ve read about four thousand short stories in the Clarkesworld Magazine slush pile. I can’t promise my critique will get you out of slush and into print, but hopefully it’ll point you in the right direction.

Let me help you and support an excellent venue for short fiction.

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